Paige Just Secretly Set Up The Big Bang Theory’s Most Heartbreaking Story

It is Paige Swanson who sets up Sheldon’s most heartbreaking The Big Bang Theory story in Young Sheldon. Sheldon’s fellow child prodigy has appeared multiple times in Young Sheldon season 6 as the show continues to explore her character’s rebellious phase. Her narrative has been separated from everything else happening in the sitcom which makes sense considering that her interactions have mostly been limited to Sheldon and Missy. Surprisingly, however, Paige’s latest involvement in The Big Bang Theory prequel indirectly lays the groundwork for one of, if not Sheldon’s most tragic childhood memory.

Despite previous assumptions that Paige’s long-awaited Young Sheldon is finally happening, her daring road trip with Missy reveals that she continues to make trouble. Instead of talking some sense into Sheldon’s sister after she ran away from home, Paige opted to not only motivate but also suggest even more dangerous and illogical things to do like driving down to Florida. They eventually get busted by the police and are promptly returned to their parents, but along the conversation, Paige says something that ties in with Sheldon’s The Big Bang Theory story about his dad.

Paige Confirms That Sheldon’s George Cheating Story Is Happening VERY Soon

In “Stolen Truck and Going on a Lam,” Missy and Paige discuss where they can go on their road trip. They both suggest places until Paige mentions that spring break is coming, which means Florida would be a good place to go. This particular line, however, lays the groundwork for Sheldon’s The Big Bang Theory story about catching his dad cheating. According to him, the incident happened when he unexpectedly came home early from college during spring break. This means that depending on CBS’ storytelling pace, the dreaded plot is coming sooner rather than later.

For context, Young Sheldon season 6 is currently set in 1993. In “Pancake Sunday and Textbook Flirting,” Sheldon was watching Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’s premiere which first aired on January 3, 1993. It’s possible that he was watching a re-run of the episode, but regardless of the specific date, The Big Bang Theory is now likely in the middle of the year’s first quarter. Just a month or two more and Sheldon’s story will come to fruition. But of course, that’s if CBS opts to show how the whole thing unfolded on screen.

When Will Young Sheldon Season 6 Tackle George’s Cheating Incident

With George’s cheating timeline already established, the question now is when it may play out in Young Sheldon. Young Sheldon executive producer Steve Holland actually confirmed that George’s cheating scandal won’t happen in season 6. So with the show already confirmed for season 7, it’s likely the whole incident will occur then. Whether the series will delve deep into the ramifications of it is uncertain, but now that even Young Sheldon admits that it has outgrown its original premise, it won’t be surprising if The Big Bang Theory prequel chooses not to dwell much on it.

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