MCU Theory Reveals Kang Is A Survivor Of The FIRST Multiverse War

Ant-Man and the Quantumania’s Kang the Conqueror may secretly be a survivor of the MCU’s original multiverse war. With Jonathan Majors’ Ant-Man 3 character seemingly serving as the overrarching villain of the Multiverse Saga, the character posing a threat to multiple timelines and realities in Marvel’s world feels likely. However, it’s not impossible that the trouble Kang starts in Phase 5 isn’t the first time he’s been involved in a battle that encompasses a multitude of timelines in the MCU’s multiverse.

For reasons that have yet to become clear, the time-traveling villain from Marvel Comics is on a collision course with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. But before their confrontation happens in Phase 6, Kang will go up against Scott Lang and his allies in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. Somehow, Kang and the movie’s protagonists will all be trapped in the Quantum Realm together. Why Kang is there and what will happen once he escapes remains to be seen, but one theory explains what he’s doing in the Quantum Realm, while also linking it to Loki’s story. Here’s why Kang may have played a role in a previous war between timelines.

Loki Revealed There Had Been A First Multiversal War

In a history lesson pertaining to the multiverse, it was learned early on in Loki that a war devastated the multiverse eons ago. Miss Minutes explained in the TVA orientation video that “countless unique timelines battled each other for supremacy.” Supposedly, this would have resulted in the “total destruction” of the multiverse had the mysterious Time-Keepers not stepped in. Later, it was discovered that the concept of the Time-Keepers was a ruse invented by He Who Remains, a Kang variant who participated in the war. According to He Who Remains, it was the Kang variants who started this war in the first place. He Who Remains then put an end to it and established the TVA to ensure that it didn’t happen again.

Kang Could Have Survived In The Quantum Realm

The conclusion of the first war can make sense of why Kang is holding up in the Quantum Realm when Scott and the others show up in Quantumania. He Who Remains’ account of what happened implied that the Kang variants who threatened the multiverse’s existence are no longer an issue, but it’s within the realm of possibility that at least one survived. As for how that could happen, it may be that one variant – specifically, Quantumania’s Kang – used his technology to go to the Quantum Realm where he was able to avoid the attention of He Who Remains and the TVA. As a place that exists outside of time, the Quantum Realm may be the only place in the entire multiverse that was safe from He Who Remains’ attempts to rein in his variants.

What This Would Mean For The MCU’s Multiverse Saga

Kang using the Quantum Realm as a hideout would have huge implications for both of his upcoming movies. Firstly, it shouldn’t be forgotten that Kang’s reasons for staying there are gone after Loki’s ending. He may not know it, but He Who Remains is dead, meaning that it’s now safe for him to wreak havoc on the multiverse. If he were to somehow discover that the TVA leader is dead and that another Kang variant has since taken over, he could be motivated to end his stay in the Quantum Realm and look for a way out. If that so, his new resolve to leave may be what drives his story in the new movie.

There’s of course no doubt that Kang’s inevitable escape from the Quantum Realm in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania will be followed up by multiversal chaos in Avengers: The Kang Dynasty. But the reveal that this version of the character was also a part of the first war would make him seem even more dangerous to the team. This notion that the Avengers will have to contend with a villain who’s already gone through a multiversal war speaks volumes about the experience he has and what he must be capable at this point in his life. Through a character with this sort of backstory, the MCU could deliver a character who has the potential to be the ultimate version of Kang the Conqueror.

Source: Screenrant.Com

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