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Download Suzume no Tojimari Full Movie in Hindi Dub 480p

Makoto Shinkai has become one of the biggest names in anime in recent years thanks to his movies Your Name and Weathering With You, and his latest movie, Suzume, is definitely another winner. Granted, the movie does have its share of shortcomings regarding the story and characters, so it would be easy to see it as falling short of its predecessors. Even so, Suzume still has plenty going for it in terms of visuals and how its protagonist is handled, so with that in mind, it should end up being plenty enjoyable, either way.

Suzume no Tojimari Movie Download

Suzume, the latest CoMix Wave Films Makoto Shinkai movie, is centered around Suzume Iwato, a girl living in rural Japan with her aunt Tamaki. One day, Suzume meets a man named Souta and falls in love with him at first sight, and when Suzume chases after him, she finds a mysterious door that gives her a view into another world. Said door is a portal to a realm where all time exists simultaneously and serves as a seal for giant worms that threaten Japan with massive earthquakes. Souta’s family is tasked with locking those doors, and when Suzume accidentally releases the keystone powering the doors, a magic cat called Daijin who turns Souta into a chair, she joins Souta to fix her mistake by recapturing Daijin and learn the truth of her connection to the other world. Suzume no Tojimari full movie Crunchyroll.

Download Suzume Full Movie in Hindi Dub 720p

Much like in Your Name and Weathering With You, the main duo of Suzume and Souta are the heart and soul of Suzume. The way they play off of and support each other seamlessly alternates between being funny and being heartwarming, and that goes a long way to make their connection feel genuine. Suzume, of course, also shines on her own, with the movie doing a great job of selling her as someone struggling to move past serious trauma. That arc is further exemplified by the reveal of the real-life tragedy she suffered through, and when she finally manages to move on with her life, it’s nothing but cathartic. Suzume no Tojimari full movie online.

Download Suzume Full Movie in Hindi Dub 1080p

The overall aesthetic of Suzume is also worth praising. The art and animation of Suzume are incredibly rich and fluid, with every scene boasting incredible visuals that make both intense action and quiet drama feel like a spectacle to behold. Not only that, but RADWIMPS from Makoto Shinkai’s Your Name and Weathering With You once again provides an amazing set of music for a Makoto Shinkai project, with both their instrumental and vocal tracks always succeeding in perfectly setting the mood of the scene and simply being great to listen to on their own. Suzume no Tojimari download in English.

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Unfortunately, Suzume isn’t without its problems. While Suzume and Souta do have a good dynamic, the movie never puts a lot of focus on their romance, so it ends up feeling underdeveloped and like it’s only there out of obligation, especially with the reveal of why Suzume fell for Souta in the first place. Not only that, but unlike other Makoto Shinkai anime films, there isn’t a consistent supporting cast, with Suzume and Souta just interacting with random people whenever they look for a door to close and moving on as soon as they do. The last third of the movie does have a consistent supporting cast in Tamaki and Souta’s friend, Serizawa, but it still leaves a lot of the movie feeling slow because of how few characters it’s focused on.

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Another point against Suzume comes from its story. Suzume does a great job of telling the story of its titular protagonist, but it ends up so focused on that that everything else often falls by the wayside. Souta ends up being very underdeveloped, and a lot of the story beats and character motivations don’t receive as much explanation as they should, which results in a lot of things in Makoto Shinkai’s Suzume happening in ways that seem completely random. Something like that would always be a problem, but it’s especially notable in Suzume as it tries to have far bigger stakes than Makoto Shinkai’s previous movies, making the shortcomings of its story feel even worse as a result. Suzume no Tojimari movie download eng sub.

Suzume no Tojimari full movie watch online free

In spite of these problems though, Suzume is still a great movie. While the story has its shortcomings, it still does a great job of conveying the same level of heart as Makoto Shinkai’s other works, something made even more apparent upon the reveal of the specific tragedy being referenced in the story. The visuals and music, the latter courtesy of both RADWIMPS and Kazuma Jinnouchi of Netflix’s Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045, are both spectacular, and the characters are all charming in their own right, with Suzume, herself, being one of Shinkai’s most endearing protagonists yet. It might not reach the same highs as Makoto Shinkai’s other works, but Suzume still succeeds as a movie about loss and overcoming tragedy, and for anyone either new or familiar with Shinkai’s work, it’s well worth the watch.


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